Fire Risk Assessment

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

As a company, people often ask us what is a fire risk assessment? In very basic terms, it’s an aligned process that evaluates the risk of fire at your business, home, office or factory. Following a set of standards outlined by the government, we assess the risk you’re at of having a fire. As well as the consequences that having a fire will have.

In calculating this risk we look to identify all potential hazards and the people who may be at risk. We then evaluate each risk and look for ways to remove or reduce that risk. Then we work with you to create a plan for emergencies as well as looking at ways that training can help reduce the risk to you, your employees, business or family members.

Is a Risk Assessment a Legal Requirement?

Yes! Absolutely!

Every business that has more than 5 employees or is a licensed premises has to conform to legislation and according to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 you must have a WRITTEN fire risk assessment. Safety of yourself and others is paramount when fire can be so deadly.

How Often Should an Assessment be Completed?

Your fire risk assessment is deemed to be a ‘living’ document. It should grow and move with your company as your business changes. This means it should be revisited on a regular basis to ensure that all risks are adequately measured and plans are in place. We recommend carrying out an assessment at least annually to ensure that no significant changes have been made in the workplace. However, there are some businesses that should perform an assessment a lot more regular.

Changes to your business that might require a new fire risk test may include:

  • Installing a new cooker in a restaurant
  • Business expansion
  • Influx of new staff
  • New services offered
  • Moving premises
  • A change in legislation

Any of the items above pose a fire risk. They could all change the way in which you need to evacuate your premises in the event of a fire. A larger influx of new staff could mean you need some more fire safety training so that everyone is aware of procedures and meeting points.

Writing a Fire Risk Assessment

If you or your business occupy a simple premises then you may feel confident enough carry out your own. This is fine and legal as long as it’s written correctly and nothing is ignored. You can seek guidance from the government website as they write great guides to help you on your way to compliance.

For many people, the prospect of writing an assessment is a very daunting task. Especially when it’s you and your business that are at risk if anything is not carried out or items are missing. If your report is flawed then peoples lives could be at risk.
We always recommend having your fire risk assessment performed by trained and experienced personnel. Doing so could save your business as well as the lives of your employees. Don’t leave fire to chance, contact Unique Fire today to get started.

I Have a Fire Risk Assessment!

Ok, having one is fine however you should always ask yourself the following.

  • Is it up to date?
  • When was it last checked
  • Has there been any changes in my business since it was completed
  • Was it completed by a highly trained and experienced fire safety expert?

If you’re not sure about any of those points then it’s time to go and revisit it. Never let your assessment get out of date. Doing so will put lives at risk!

Health & Safety Assessment

Making sure your business has a up to date Health and Safety Risk assessment is a huge component of staying compliant. As an employer you have to take a detailed look into your work space and identify any hazards that could arise and take note of your controls, are they effective enough ? And make sure your employees work space is safe and all laws are being followed.

At Precision Service Group we have a proactive approach when it comes to Health and Safety Assessments, which is why so many companies trust us to help them.

Why do I need a Health and Safety Risk Assessment?

It’s important to know a risk assessment is a carefully detailed document of what, in your work space, has the possibility to cause harm to employees, visitors, public or the building itself. Under the Health and safety at Work Act (1974), it is the employer’s legal duty to protect their staff & visitor’s health, safety and welfare.

As part of our assessment we will:

Identify – The possible causes of harm in the workspace and who it may effect.
Evaluate – How likely is the event of this harm occurring, considering the current safeguarding in place
Initiate – Our recommended safeguarding measures, where is necessary to reducen the risk of an incident